Chongdao Academy of Nankai University

Translated by Li Shan, Proofread by Sun Wei

  1. General Introduction of Chongdao Academy

1.1The Organization of Chongdao Academy

ChongdaoAcademy is affiliated with the School of International Education with 12 planned tutors. In 2021, the Academy plans to start its first batch of recruitment and annually admit 100 students of which the ratio of international students to Chinese students is 5:5. The tutor-student ratio will be limited within 1:10, and admitted students will be randomly divided into 10 groups, which will be guided by a tutor each. Taking one year as the cultivation length, the Academy will cultivate students together with the group study, assigning “12 tutors to guide 100 students; 1 tutor to guide10 students".

1.2 The Characteristics of Chongdao Academy

Under the theoretical framework of building a community with a shared future for mankind, the core characteristics of Chongdao Academy are to expand the exchanges between Chinese and international students, to help them understand Chinese culture and national conditions in a broader and deeper level. It aims to help Chinese students develop international views and promote their cross-cultural abilities in the cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. The purpose, objectives, programs and activities of the Academy are as follows:

1.2.1 The Purpose of Chongdao Academy

We worship the spirit of esteeming virtue and are inclusive of different cultures. International students have different cultural backgrounds and use different languages, but they all come to China based on their enthusiasm for Chinese culture and thirst for knowledge. Under the theoretical framework of building a community with a shared future for humankind, the Academy will provide a home where international students can experience Chinese culture, spirit and wisdom together with a number of excellent Chinese students.

1.2.2 The Cultivating Goals of Chongdao Academy

  As a unit, the Academy aims to establish an interdisciplinary and cross-school training system under the guidance of the thought of “Three-wide education”. With unremitting efforts of students and teachers, the Academy intends to achieve the cultivation goal of “eliminating confusion, improving ability, cultivating moral integrity and capacity and making contributions". Based on educational traditions of Nankai University , the Academy targets to provide a new platform for communication between teachers and students, which is guided by students' needs and is supported by the strategy of “using experts’ advice, joint dedication of students and teachers and intelligent collaboration to erase confusion”; thus finally help students become better. With academic guidance as the core, the Academy aims to build a "community of teachers and students " with collaborative online and offline activities, including venerable scholars' reference, tutors' guidance and peer assistance in the form of seminars, academic career planning and service learning.

1.2.3 The Development Program of Chongdao Academy

Supported by information-based digital technology, the Academy adopts the educational mode consisting of online organization, offline activities and intelligent learning, and adopts the operation methods combining online classes, online courses, offline counseling and offline activities to fully realize the "contact function" of the intelligent platform in order to build a community of teachers and students by improving work efficiency and exchanges between teachers and students. The Academy will regularly hold reading parties, seminars, literary and art appreciation activities,cross-cultural exchanges, practice of service and study, etc.