Nankai University has two campuses: Balitai Campus and Jinnan Campus.

Address of Balitai Campus: College of Chinese Language and Culture 94 Weijin Road, Tianjin

Address of Jinnan Campus: College of Chinese Language and Culture 38 Tongyan Road, Haihe River Education Area, Tianjin

(1).How to Get to Balitai Campus?

a.Beijing Airport - Balitai Campus


Youcan take the Inter-city Bus directly from Beijing Airport to Tianjin,with a bus fare of RMB 82 / person, and get off at Tianhuan PassengerStation, Tianjin. The trip takes about 2.5 hours. After getting off,take Bus No. 45, 50 or 681 and get off at BalitaiStation. Walk 100 meters and then you will get to NankaiUniversity (Balitai Campus).You can also take a taxi from Tianjin Tianhuan Passenger Station toWeijin Road Campus, which will cost you about RMB10-15.

b.Tianjin Airport - Balitai Campus

Tianjin BinhaiInternational Airport is located in Dongli District, Tianjin, 13 kilometers east of the downtown area of the city.

From the airport, you can take Metro Line 2 from Binhaiguojijichang Station (滨海国际机场站)to Tianjin Railway Station (天津站)(曹庄direction),and transfer to Line 3, from Tianjin Railway Station(天津站)南站directiontoTianta Station (天塔站)B Exit or Zhoudengjinianguan Station (周邓纪念馆站)B Exit. It takes about 1 hour and a half to make a one-way trip from the airport to Balitai Campus.

Metro cost: 4 RMB

c.Tianjin Railway Station - Balitai Campus

Tianjin East Railway Station: you can take Bus No. 50, 638 or 650 fromTianjin East Railway Station and get off at Balitai Station, or take the Subway Line 3 and get off at WujiayaoStation.

Tianjin West Railway Station: You can take the Subway Line 1 from Tianjin West Railway Station and get off at Yingkou Road Station, then transfer to Subway Line 3 and get off at Wujiayao Station.

Tianjin South Railway Station: From the station, one can take metro line 3 from Tianjin South Railway Station (天津南站)(小淀direction)to Tianta station (天塔站)B Exit or Zhoudengjinianguan station (周邓纪念馆站)B Exit. It takes about 40 minutes to make a one-way trip from the station to Balitai Campus. 

Metro cost: 3 RMB

Besides,you can also take a taxi directly from the Railway Stations to Balitai Campus.

(2).How to Get to Jinnan campus?

a. Point-to-point Bus and Express on Balitai Campus depart from Ximen (the West Gate)Bus Stop, Shoubiaochang Stop and Tianta Stop. [Buses departing at21:15 do not stop at Shoubiaochang Stop and Tianta Stop].

b.Point-to-point Bus on Jinnan Campus departs from Lishuyuan Stop andthe First Canteen Stop, and arrives at the First Canteen Stop, Matihu Stop, the Second Canteen Stop, Lishuyuan Stop and the Integrated Laboratory Building Stop. Express and City Bus depart at Ximenwai(the West Gate) Bus Stop.

c. In case of bad weather, road congestion, and other conditions, buses may not arrive on time, thus departure time might be adjusted accordingly since the schedulable vehicles are limited.

d. Workday Schedule of Campus-to-Campus P2P Bus and Express


e. Bus fee for the one-way trip: 5 RMB