The College of Chinese Language and Culture is a professional college with equal emphasis on teaching and scientific research. The Department of International Chinese Education is mainly responsible for the training of Chinese undergraduates, with distinctive international characteristics and unique competitive advantages inteacher training, student employment and other aspects. About 35 students are enrolled as undergraduates in “International Chinese Education” of the College every year for elite training. In the Catalogue of Undergraduate Majors of Regular Institutions of Higher Learning issued by the Ministry of Education in 2012, the major of “Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language" was renamed as the major of “International Chinese Education”, which further defined the training objectives of the major and realized the seamless connection between the major and the Master’s Degree of International Chinese Education. After graduation as undergraduates, students will have the opportunity to work abroad as volunteer or formal international Chinese teachers through the selection of relevant institutions. This major aims to cultivate compound and general senior talents with high comprehensive quality who have the basic theories, knowledge and methods about teaching and cross-cultural communication of linguistics and Chineseas a second language, have a deeper understanding of Chinese and foreign culture, have a high level of foreign language and preliminary teaching experience, can engage in international Chinese teaching or cross-cultural communication and cultural transmission,and meet the needs of today’s international community.