Job in Nankai

Nankai College of Chinese Language and culture has established itself as apioneer in international chinese education in China and has built an international reputation based on its educational programs. Since its founding in 1993, the College has maintained its commitment to afaculty team known for their cutting-edge research and innovative curricula focused on Chinese Language and culture.


Nankai College of Chinese Language and culture seeks candidates for faculty positions in  中国语言文学、语言学及应用语言学、汉语言文字学、教育学等汉语国际教育相关专业.We wish to attract outstanding individuals whose interests would becompatible with our research.  


Applicants should have outstanding records in PhD programs, and strong potentialand interest to conduct research at the forefront of their field.


Candidates should submit current curriculum vitae, copies of publications and current working papers, description of courses taught, and three letters of recommendation. You can send the copy by email to


The employees will sign a specific employment contract with the school according to different departments and working tasks. The school adopts flexible employment policies and the employees will receive flexible treatments.


Mr.Wang Zhaohua

Room 310, School of International Education (College of Chinese Languageand Culture) , 94
WeijinRoad, Tianjin, P. R. China.
Postalcode: 300071