20 2 1 N a n k a i U n i v e r s i t y
Ap p l i c a t i o n I n f o r m a t i o n f o r
In t e r n a t i o n a l S t u d e n t s
St u d e n t s E n g a g e d i n C h i n e s e S t u d i e s

1.Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens between the age of 18 and 60,with a valid
2.Applicants must be healthy and have good behavior, complying with thelaws and
regulationsof China and the rules of Nankai University.
Thedeadline for application to study in the autumn semester is Jun 30,2021. Students should
cometo Nankai University for registration in early September.
Thedeadline for application to study in the spring semester is Dec 31,2021. Students should
cometo Nankai University for registration in mid-late February.
Thetime for students to come to Nankai University for registrationshould be identical to date
notedin the notice of admission.
Majorsand Length of Study
Thelength of study is 0.5-2 years.
Theprogram for students engaged in Chinese studies is a significant partof the enrollment of
non-degreestudents. It aims to train common practical talents who have achievedChinese
languageproficiency, so that these students can speak fluent Chinese, and canstudy Chinese
languageand culture. The aim of this program is to allow students tounderstand the state of
China,to become qualified for careers like translation, Chinese teachingand cultural
Themain courses include Chinese Grammar, Chinese Listening and Speaking,Cross-cultural
Communication,Business Chinese, World Economy, etc.
ApplicationProcess and Required Materials
1.Please register at the website:
andcomplete the online application.
2.Required Materials:
A.Notarized diploma of the highest level of education obtained,Certificate of Student Status
orEmployment Certificate.
B.Photocopy of passport (ordinary passport- it must be valid beforeApril 1, 2022).
C.Photocopy of signature.
D.Supplementary Materials: other materials that can prove theapplicants’ learning ability and
comprehensiveabilities, such as award certificates in sports or arts, specialtycertificates,
publishedpapers, undergraduate admission notices issued by other universities,etc.
Allof the above application materials should be either in Chinese orEnglish. For
documentsor certificates in languages other than Chinese or English, notarizedChinese or
Englishtranslations are required.
Assessmentand Admission
Theinformation in the application materials should be identical withthose in the passport and
thevalid visa or residence permit used for application. The applicantswho pass the screening
ofapplication materials will be admitted by Nankai University. Theadmission committee of
NankaiUniversity will check the information and materials of the applicant.If any sort of fraud
orviolation of rules is discovered and verified, the applicant will bedisqualified from the
admission.Admission results will be announced in the registration system or inthe applicant’s
PaymentStandards and Methods
1.Application fee: CNY400
Noapplication will be accepted if your application fee is less thanthis.
I.RMB Account
AccountName: Nankai University
Bank Name: Bank of Communications, TianjinBranch,
Nankai University Sub-Branch
Account No: 120066032010149600156
II.USD Account:
AccountName: Nankai University
Bank Name: Bank of Communications, TianjinBranch,
Nankai University Sub-branch
Account No:120066032146300000768
Whenthe remittance is made, please make a note of “InternationalStudent Registration
Fee+ Passport Number of the Applicant + the abbreviation of theapplicant’s country”.
Whetheror not the applicant is eventually admitted by NKU, the registrationfee will not be
2.Tuition fee: Pleaseturn to the specialty information to know more about the standardof
3.Method of Payment
Pleasemake a remittance through bank wire transfer.
Pleaseclick this link to know more about the method ofpayment:
Theinformation above is for reference only. Actual fees will be inaccordance with the
tuitionstandards at the time of admission.
4.Medical insurance fee: CNY1000 per student per year
Accordingto the regulations of Ministry of Education of P. R. China,international students
mustpurchase comprehensive medical insurance for foreign students whilethey are studying
inChina. International students are required to purchase insurancebefore registration
(InternationalStudents Insurance:
BalitaiCampus (in the city centre)
Accordingto Regulations on the Administration of International Students inNankai University,
inorder to help international students adapt to school life in China,and become familiar with
NankaiUniversity, all the freshmen in the first school year should live inNKU's international
students'dormitories or the cooperative apartment off the campus.
Schoolof International Education of Nankai University
BalitaiCampus Address:
Room400, School of International Education (College of Chinese Languageand Culture) , 94
WeijinRoad, Tianjin, P. R. China.
Postalcode: 300071
JinnanCampus Address:
Room202/203, School of International Education (College of ChineseLanguage and Culture) ,
38Tongyan Road, Haihe River Education Area, Tianjin, P. R.China.
Postalcode: 300350