School of International Education and College of Chinese Language and Culture, Nankai University Held a Graduation Ceremony for the 2022 Graduates


(Translated by Li Shan, Proofread by Sun Wei ) On June 20, 2022, the graduation ceremony for the 2022 graduates of the School of International Education (SIE) and the College of Chinese Language and Culture (CCLC) of Nankai University was held in the College of Chinese Language and Culture (Jinan Campus). A total of 51 Chinese and foreign students attended the graduation ceremony, and the college leaders of the party and admin members, as well as the directors of the relevant departments and teacher representatives attended the ceremony.



The graduation ceremony started with the solemn and majestic national anthem.

Vice Dean, Prof. Liu Jia read out the decision of the academic degree evaluation committee of Nankai University on the awarding of degrees.



Professor Wang Lixin, Dean of the college, expressed his warm congratulations to the graduates on behalf of the college and urged them to “practice the spirit of Nankai's motto —— aspiration for progress with each passing day, shoulder the mission of your generation, and attain a more promising future”. He put forward three suggestions for the students: Firstly, to be big picture thinkers and temper themselves through hardship. The altitude of a person not only came from the continuous absorption of all kinds of knowledge but also depended mainly on life experience and inside thinking. Secondly, to persist in learning, and always have the motivation for progress. The university was just one of the places for learning, but not the only one. He hoped that the graduates would always keep the aspiration for knowledge and truth in their minds, and be a person pursuing daily progress. Thirdly, to be courageous in practice, and achieve the unity of knowledge and action. In this Internet era, there were many suggestions but few deeds. He expected the students to be pragmatic people who could keep their eyes on the stars and their feet on the ground.

After the speech, a solemn degree conferment ceremony was held.



Ms. Dong Shuhui, a teacher representative, gave her best wishes to the students. Dong Shuhui said that she had a deep understanding of the proverb “teaching others teaches yourself”. She fondly recalled the time spending with the students and was especially surprised by their growth. She gave three suggestions to the graduates with expectations. Firstly, she hoped that they would remember the Nankai’s mottodedication to public interests, and dedicate their lives to making a contribution to society and improving themselves. Moreover, the graduates were expected to communicate more with their seniors and practice “teaching others teaches yourself” in various fields of work and study. Lastly, she hoped that the students would be honest and down-to-earth in their lives, and always be conscientious and kind. Though ordinary they might be, they could also sparkle as much as they can.



Kang Xuan, a 2018 undergraduate student of the CCLC, spoke on behalf of the graduating Chinese students. She believed that during the four-year study of historical and cultural knowledge and practice of professional skills at the CCLC, the students had established a great ambition to pass on Chinese culture and tell Chinese stories while broadening their horizons and improving their abilities. She was also always encouraged to move forward with her dedication to public interests. This fall, she will attend graduate school at the CCLC, upholding and bringing her passion for her major into reality with her own actions and repaying the care and love of the CCLC with her personal development.


Irene Bu, a Ukrainian master's student, spoke on behalf of the international graduates. She firstly thanked the university and the college for the cultivation of international students, especially for the safe study environment and thorough plan provided during the critical period of epidemic prevention and control. She recalled how excited and anxious she was when arriving at the university from a faraway place and thanked the college for its warmth and care given to international students. The time studying at Nankai University would be one of the most precious memories of all international students. Finally, she wished her beloved alma mater Nankai University tobe thriving with each passing day and to gain new success in all-round aspects.



“By the white river, where ships do cross. Great is our Nankai spirit…” Present teachers and graduates, reluctant to part, song the anthem of the Nankai University together, drawing an end to the graduation ceremony for the 2022 graduates of the SIE and the CCLC. The graduation ceremony is not only a commemoration of the students’ youth and their precious time spent at Nankai, but also an encouragement for the Nankai students to embark on their new journeys. As a famous poem goes, “I want to fly into the sky with the wind, overlooking the great mountains and rivers of the vast land.” We wish all graduates can burst through all barricades and live with a promising future!